Discover the complete menswear collection of Sankuanz spring/summer 2017, presented during the Paris fashion week. The designer Shangguan Zhe and the artist Xu Zhen (a leading figure of contemporary Chinese art) work in collaboration exploring the concept of “Cosmological Religion”. The Sankuanz signature look is a mix of military uniform elements, pop and hip-hop culture. Camouflage is an important graphic element throughout the collection, accompanied by diverse embroidered badges adapted from the logos of NASA, the air force and space pop culture.  High-tech materials like dyneema, aramid, transparent cuben fiber and tape are used throughout the collection the same that are utilized in the fabrication of spacesuits, space-crafts and outdoor tents highlighted with mechanical metal accessories, creating a spatial feel to the collection. The shapes are long and oversized like trench coats and suits in monochromatic black and white, along with revisited aviator jumpsuits that give a ceremonial religious element to the collection similar to a Tibetan monk’s robe. More about the designer on . In complement, you can also review the last fall 2016 collection we posted Here.