Bad Wave are the band two best guy friends start when life’s responsibilities become too great and they need to get nostalgic. Songwriter Tucker Tota and his production backbone Patrick Hart are really too young to be nearing midlife crisis, but nevertheless started Bad Wave out of the trappings familiar to all 20-somethings in adulthood’s early stages. The name Bad Wave itself is taken from the Spanish phrase ‘mala onda,’ which literally translates as “bad waves” but you can take it as meaning “bad vibes.” “We’re trying to spread good vibes through,” reassures Patrick. By releasing their own anxieties through Bad Wave, these two only have great intentions. More about the band via the official Facebook page HERE.
Their latest release “Extraordinary,” is a seemingly sunny, exhilarated cocktail of cheerful synth lines, insistent drums, and a windswept melody – begins with singer Tucker Tota teasing, “drop yourself in the parking lot, something big is waiting there.” But as the track progresses, it finds itself in more sinister territory, as a speedy, combative pre-chorus hits, Tota snapping “Baby yes I saw it coming, look at you, look at you, look at you and your shadow running.” And at the close, it’s clear the jubilant sonics serve as a diversion for the spooky narrative and paranormal encounter referenced in the song’s lyrics, as he repeats ominously “stretch you apart, extraordinary.”