Two years ago, Portland released their first single ‘Deezy Daisy’ and instantly became the ‘sensation du jour’. A few million streams later with many shows around the country, the band from Metz – France surprisingly decided to split.  After a year hiatus, reinvigorated by more life experiences, the trio finally reconnected and returned stronger than ever with a new artistic project more in keeping with their true nature – at a crossroad between the worlds of Banks, FKA Twigs and Florence & The Machine.
‘Aphrodite’ is the first track from the debut EP. It explores the topics of fear, doubt, hope and acceptance – feelings that boil in all of us and that the members encountered themselves during their search of their true voice. Directed by Julien & Quentin, produced by Rita film for Opening Light, the video perfectly illustrates this inner fight with a contemporary dancer (Stylez’C) on a boxing ring whose facial expressions become more and more tormented by the minute. Look out for Portland in this early fall! Check more via the official Facebook page here. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned !