Jenevieve Lyons  Fall/Winter 2016 Ad campaign, featuring Julien Desvaux De Marigny  and Luthando photographed by Il Retallack and styled by Gabrielle Kannemeyer. “Built on a concept of ambiguity, and anonymity focused on the beauty brought through from that what is once possibility viewed as the « ugly ». We look into albinism and the beauty it carries forth in the form of fragility marked with the beauty of individuality. With apparel that represent debility; yet bring form to function and portray a travelled journey. With muted tones « impressioned » with personal markings inspired by freckles on a milked face; opaque silks over melons, layered three dimensionally, fooling the eye to what is and what is not. It is a play on the abstruseness and juxtaposition of beauty. The collection is aptly called defined as: a spot or blotch, especially on one’s skin; macule… as a spot often carries the significance of the ugly but yet carries the beauty of individuality. ” 


© Jenevieve Lyons