Yanina Couture spring/summer 2016 collection, presented today at Hôtel WestinVendôme in Paris during the parisian Haute Couture fashion week. Discover just below our selected looks from the catwalk. The heroine of the new spring collection was a young girl, a romantic dreamer inspired by passion for ballet. Ballet runs through every detail of the collection: weightless dresses, with piles of ballet tutus , and hats, like those worn by Anna Pavlova and Ida Rubinstein in 1910´s, embroidery, taffeta, veil, tulle and velvet. In the contemporary cultural context the newly refined and gentle image of Russian girl is actual again. That is not outspoken beauty, but restrainy, intelligent, aristocratism and dreaminess. The collection has a strong cultural base: literature, painting and ballet. From painting, we took diffuse, smoky gamut with smooth passages, from ballet weightless dresses and movements of semi transparent layers, from literature intelligent dreaminess and clarity of images. The dresses are like flowers fallen from the stem… That’s the way fashion illustrator Georges Barbier characterize the great ballerina Anna Pavlova in the 20’s. The collection contains many references to the past: classical 19th century that is the century of aristocratic culture, and the 1910’s and 20’s this time without the excessive historicism and adapted to the contemporary aesthetic, more sober un functional. You can also review the Yanina’s Fall/Winter 2015 Couture collection that we posted here. More details about the house and the designer via www.yaninafashion.com