The-Penelopes-slashitmagAs the year draws to a close The Penelopes wanted to give you a taste of things to come in 2016, all wrapped up and ready to take on the festive season. Driving headlong down the path of Twin Shadow, Destroyer and War On Drugs the band added a gritty, crooner’esque element to create a punchy homage to influential legends Depeche Mode track Never Let Me Down Again. While 2015 saw Axel and Vincent provide remixes for Lana Del Rey, Citizens! (Kitsune) and Monarchy, DJ sets at Cannes Film Festival and Razzmatazz, plus live performances at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards and for Dr Martens’ European Tour, the guys have been spending every spare moment working on their forthcoming extended release, due out in 2016. Next up for the band is a remix for one of the original pioneers of the French Touch scene from Versailles, European performances and a new single due in March.

Vamos festejar desde jà o final do ano com The Penelopes !  Eles oferecem-nos o titulo “Never let me down again” (Depeche Mode cover) enquanto aguardamos novos trabalhos para o inicio do ano 2016. Sem mais tardar, façam o”download” do track que é totalmente gratis ! Thanks guys ! A não perder  e partilhar como é obvio !