Ecca Vandal has dropped the hypnotic visual for new single ‘End of Time’, out 27th Novembervia Island/Dew Process. Watch the video here & listen the tracks below !
The ‘End Of Time’ video was directed by Matt Chuang, best known for his strong cinematic approach to storytelling, Chuang creates work that is visually striking and emotionally engaging. Ecca says of the video “I decided to collab with a different director to flip it for this track. Matt Chuang has a beautiful eye and captures great raw emotion. He created an interesting and simple visual translation of the energy of End Of Time – there’s a raw, unsettling feeling in this piece and we decided to hold shots way longer than expected to linger in the intensity and vulnerability of the performance. Matt was also shooting, so there was a nice unpredictability between performance and camera-motion as neither of us knew what each other were going to do! I dig that organic free flow, and most of that appears in this clip – we kept it in, warts n all.”
Taken from her genre-bending debut album due 2016, ‘End of Time’ highlights Ecca’s anti-genre persona and is a sonic shift from her previous releases. An exciting reminder of just how difficult it is to pigeonhole her as an artist. Co-produced by Ecca, in collaboration with producer and co-writer Kidnot, it’s the first track to not feature a distorted guitar. Instead, it’s injected with gritty, pulsing beats as a foundation for Ecca’s soaring melodies against dark, pop synths. + via the official Facebook page of the artist here. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned !