“Martin Margiela is different from others because i never compromised his point of view. He established a vision and concentrated on reconfiguring an entire system of fashion. He didn’t only introduce new clothes, he commented on the system which was by then already very perverted and dominated by money. ” Olivier Saillard (fashion historian). “The Artist is absent”, the exclusive documentary produced by YOOX Group and directed by New York filmmaker Alison Chernick. The film, selected for the 2015 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival reveals the true face of the enigmatic Belgian designer who appears here as never before. For over twenty years, Martin Margiela has been a major force in fashion. Yet if his influence is inescapable, the man himself remains elusive, determined to maintain his anonymity in an age of celebrity. Featuring some of the most distinguished names in the fashion industry, such as fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Raf Simons and fashion retail entrepreneur Geert Bruloot – who was the first to discover the enormous talent of Martin Margiela.  slashit-the-artist-is-absent-martin-margiela